Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nice thought to start with

Nice day to start with such a good mail

How Can I Be Happy And Peaceful In A Tormented World?

You can't afford not to be!

Everything in our world is created by someone's thoughts and
ideas, the negative and the positive. When we dwell on the
negatives of life (war, drugs, hurt, chaos) we add more negative
energy to an already negative situation – and we take on even
more negative energies, into ourselves. This causes feelings of
stress and unhappiness in our mind, body and soul. Do you want to
feel stress or do you want to feel peace?

When you see chaos in the world, what thoughts will help YOU feel
better and thus help you and our world?

Let's change negatives to positives!

The following are a few examples which may help you live a more
peaceful life.

1. I have empathy for people who are hurting and for people who hurt
others. A human being does not hurt others if he or she is coming
from a place of love.

2. I have understanding* for others - all are living in accordance
to their own awareness, which they have accepted from mass conscious
thinking. (* Understanding is the lens in the eyes of love.)

3. I allow others their freedom to "be". I cannot control
others, but I can control my self.

4. I will not stand back and blame others (i.e. the world)
saying: "Oh well, what can I do?"
This is an "I give up attitude or choice. With this choice we
retain negative energy and then we wonder why we don't feel happy,
peaceful and full of vitality. How can we, when we accept defeat
and blame and hold onto them as if they were our true companions.

5. I let go of my negative companions defeat, sorrow, blame, hurt,
and I make the choice to be different. I dare to be different!

6. I walk forward with power and wisdom shining the `light'
of positive energy out to all. I'm free!

7. Yes, I have a positive need and that need is to recognize and
expand that which I already have, within. i.e.: love, peace,
abundance, light, wisdom, power etc. The values in life!

This change of attitude, through the power of choice, will bring me
even more joy and positivity and will also benefit those around me.
Our greatest responsibility is to make wise choices. Free yourself
from the burdens of human life! Bring more `love light' into

I let go of worry fear and doubt
These three things I can do without,
Working in the midst of me
Is God's perfect harmony.
I trust that perfect power within
To keep me safe when the light grows dim
This hand of Truth I'll always hold
Even when the world seems cold.
I know this trust and faith will bring
The light of joy to shine again!

Author - Shirley Anne Burroughs

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